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Juuling In School

The growth of Juuling in school is nothing short of alarming, and it has got parents and authorities both concerned.

You can think of this rise as another delinquent rebellion, which comes about every generation. Teenagers are in search for entertainment because their hearts and minds are focused on finding fun wherever they are, and when the fun becomes so easily approachable and portable, you can expect them to carry on their activities.

Why Is It Concerning?

JUUL Vapes are electronic cigarettes, and although the inflammability and release of toxic smoke is not nearly as much, the intake of nicotine in the teenagers is a problem. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and abusing it can have devastating impacts on the physical and mental health of the person doing it.

Parents are mainly concerned because even if one person starts doing it in school, the impact can spread out to the rest of the children. With the online availability of e-cigarettes becoming so common, it is difficult for parents to track what their children are ordering, and where it is going.

For schools, it is about discipline. They generally do not want to promote any activity which is detrimental to the health of its students, and excessive nicotine usage is one of them. Consuming a number of pods in a week is alarming for the human body.

Is It Easy to Quit Juuling?

We need to consider how much of the blame can be put on the students, and surprisingly the answer is “not a lot of blame goes on the children”.

School’s step on the pressure points of students all the time, whether it is in academics, discipline, performance in societies, finances etc. The students then head back home to a stressed environment where they are told that their education is becoming increasingly difficult to afford. Finally, there is peer pressure from students who’re doing well, and those who have found themselves stuck in the web of Juuling.

With its superior flavor with a number of varieties and the social appeal you can add to it by getting a quality cover from, not to mention the addictiveness, simply asking to leave it is no solution at all. The human anatomy disallows it from parting from something the body has gotten used to easily.

What Is the Solution?

If a JUUL Vape is relatively safe but still risky, is addictive, and has parents and schooling staff concerned, then they need to have a middle ground.

Schools, instead of punishing the students for managing their pleasure in a sneaky way, can hire a therapist who the students can go to and state their issues with leaving it. The therapist can keep a check on the students, give them routines to follow through which they can reduce vaping to a safe level. In addition, schools can also keep informative meetings with parents in which they denounce the taboo associated with vaping, and highlight how such hobbies do develop at this stage.

With the three-tiered collaboration of students, parents, and teachers, the overall issue of vaping in schools rising to unsafe levels can be addressed.