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Why You Should Get A Full Skin For Your JUUL

Why You Should Get A Full Skin For Your JUUL

Did you just switch from cigarettes to a JUUL? Your decision could not have been any better.

We do, however, understand that the pleasure satisfied by JUUL can be a bit more expensive in the short term, which is why it is mandatory to get a JUUL wrap for your e-cigarette. Getting a JUUL skin for your device can save you the trouble of going to a repair shop over and over again, and also save you from the trouble of taking out cash to buy a new JUUL to replace the one you broke in a moment of carelessness.

The following advantages might compel you to get a JUUL sticker or a JUUL wrap for pleasure investment.

  1. Stylistic Appeal

Getting addicted to smoking is quite understandable, and with JUUL you are getting rid of the negative effects of smoking and enjoying pleasure which, by no means, is any less. In addition, the smoke does not smell and neither does it stay by for too long, so why not make you safe activity as cool as possible?

If you are passionate about a particular movie franchise, for example, then you can get a JUUL sticker and share that passion with like-minded individuals around you. This, in turn, will enhance your immediate social life.

For the best JUUL stickers, visit VaperSkins.com and check out an exotic collection of brilliant tops.

  1. Protection

Humans can remind themselves of being careful, but cannot always avoid it. Therefore, you need to have a two-tier protection plan in mind, and the second of these should involve a JUUL wrap which you can count on.

Having your e-cigarette fall and having its functioning inside break can be devastating. While the JUUL is designed to be sturdy enough, the machinery is still delicate if it suffers from dangerous hits. Getting full skins from VaperSkins.com can be an excellent solution because any unforced error such as this can be nullified.

  1. Convenience

When you add an extra layer to such devices, it seems a little inconvenient. And that feeling is quite understood because you are changing the way you hold it. This problem can be solved by purchasing a JUUL skin for your new hobby as soon as you lay your hands on it.

Regardless, you should still go for a cover because it only adds to the convenience. There are slits available in case you want to change batteries, customization options, and even cases which you can use for charging. These finishing touches can add a lot to the quality and experience of your vape.

  1. Variety

At VaperSkins.com, you can choose over 50 JUUL skin designs. When you feel like you’ve seen enough of one, you can get it off and replace it with a brand new one which will have a positive mental effect, giving you a better smoke alternative each time.

This interchanging ability makes the idea of the exterior casing for your JUUL a lot more exciting, so order yours today and enjoying Juuling with style and safety.

August 18, 2018
How To Charge JUUL And Why To Use A Magnetic Charger?

How To Charge JUUL And Why To Use A Magnetic Charger?

Juuling has become the new cool thing, and you need a functioning JUUL charger to satisfy your craving for perhaps the best e-cigarette is around.

The reason why a charger for JUUL is an important aspect to consider is because in the early weeks of purchase the device satisfies your needs completely. A few more weeks down the like, however, it appears as if the battery is unable to charge itself. The light keeps on blinking and it never reaches full, or it takes forever to charge.

Charging Your JUUL

Charging a device is a lot more than just plugging it in a random charger. Batteries have particular compatibilities with the chargers allotted to them, and changing that mode of charging can have an instant negative impact on the device.

Your JUUL is no different. In the unlikely and unlucky event that your charger seems to be giving you trouble, do not use a random charger or purchase one without checking compatibility. Sometimes it takes a dozen or more of charging for the battery to show visible signs of deterioration, and by that time it’s too to revive the charger back to its former glory.

Signs of Deterioration

You can tell that your JUUL starter kit is about to wear out and become unusable when it:

  • Charges your e-cigarette in a lot more time than it initially used to.
  • Has the charging lights blinking all the time, indicating that the battery is reversing current and not charging up at all (this can be dangerous for the vape).
  • Does not connect to the device in any orientation.

A JUUL Skin with an incorporated charger, or a separate charger such as the Jix charger then become your next best alternatives.

What Is the Best Solution?

Although there exist a number of alternatives to choose from, the best solution is to get a magnetic charging cable for the JUUL. The reasons include:

  1. The convenience with which it can be carried around. Sometimes, carrying around separate battery packs in just your pocket can be a nightmare, because either it takes up a lot of space or you have the constant fear of losing it. On a night out with your friends, you will not want to be handicapped with the unavailability of a charger.
  2. The ease of charging while driving. Charging in a case is becoming very common these days, but a case which needs to stand vertically will not be suitable when you are constantly on the move, like in a car. Put up a JUUL skin, put your JUUL on the dashboard, and have it walk out on the car with you for a great day ahead. For the best magnetic charging cables and a variety of sustainable and compatible chargers, visit VaperSkins.com and place your order today.
  3. The length of the charger. Keeping your belonging close by is important, and if you are using a public port on a station, use the length to keep your vape nearby.
August 16, 2018
My JUUL Charger Isn’t Working. Why?

My JUUL Charger Isn’t Working. Why?

Once you start Juuling, there may be no turning back, and frankly, you do not need rerouting because it’s a safe way of pleasing yourself.

The biggest nightmare for a regular user is to return home one day and find that the charging abilities of your JUUL Vape have left your side. Without making any hasty decisions such as instantly ordering a new charger for JUUL, take the following approach:

  • Diagnose
  • Confirm
  • Fix

The following are some common problems which can be the reason behind your JUUL not charging up.

Problem 1: Wet Terminals

Connecting your JUUL charger to a wet terminal can be extremely hazardous, and the extra conduction by the moisture can cause a problem for your Vape. However, sometimes there is no way of telling if something wet seeped and how it became a source of the moisture.

Solution: Place your Vape in a bag full of something which can absorb moisture and dry up the surface, such as rice. Take it out, wipe it with a dry cloth, and try charging it again. Stay alert for a few minutes and if it seems to have no discrepancies then you are good to go.

Problem 2: Hit and Drop

Dropping your JUUL can have an immediate impact on the delicate positioning of the machinery inside. Without opening it up, there is no way of telling what got damaged and whether it can be put back together. After dropping it or accidentally having it hard enough, shake the Vape to see if you can feel a component inside moving. Then put it on the charge to see if it works.

Solution: If your JUUL refuses to come to life, seek professional assistance. And for future safety, purchase a JUUL skin from VaperSkins.com for a stylish product without any compromise in quality.

Problem 3: Bad Quality Charger

Being a victim of fraud in today’s world when alternatives to everything exist in the form of copies, fake supplies etc. Because of perfect imitation, the human mind becomes rather easy to confuse. The last JUUL charger you got may have been of such inferior quality, and after a few runs its weak design is likely to give up. Check if your Vape is charging on another charger.

Solution: If the result yields positive, you will need a new charger. Check out ViperSkins.com for the best quality chargers in town, which are guaranteed to last long and have no semblance of fakeness.

Problem 4: Broken Wire

Most wires are encased in rubber from the outside for insulation, but because of that wire breaks inside are not very easy to detect. They can be lethal for your break because of the risk of short-circuiting.

Solution: Purchase a magnetic charging cable from Viperskins.com. This is a product which will instantly suit your durability needs, and its 2.5 feet long size makes it a lot easier for you to charge your Vape in public areas without the need for actively guarding it. Making this purchase and use it fearlessly in the near future.

Get yourself a charger for your JUUL that won't break

August 14, 2018
Why Making Your Own DIY JUUL Charger Is a Very Bad Idea

Why Making Your Own DIY JUUL Charger Is a Very Bad Idea

You’ve probably seen these videos all over YouTube – everyday people showing you how to make your very own DIY JUUL charger in just a few minutes. While there might be a certain allure to creating your own DIY JUUL charger, there are three very good reasons why it’s simply a very bad idea.

vaperskins.com full juul skin

 JUUL in style with a full JUUL skin from our store

 #1: It’s dangerous

If you’re like most people, you probably carry around USB sticks with you everywhere you go, and haven’t given too much thought to the technology that powers them. It’s just a few wires, right? However, even the best YouTube videos on how to make your own DIY JUUL charger will point out that you need to be careful that you don’t cross the wrong wires. Cross the wrong wires and, well, you may end up creating a bit of a mess.


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 #2: It can damage your valuable JUUL

Let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis here. Just how much money do you think that you will be saving by making your own DIY JUUL charger? Online, JUUL chargers retail for less than $10. And now think about how much you spend on things like partying or or other things that bring no real value to your life, such as your JUUL – do you really want to take the risk that you are going to damage your brand-new JUUL just for the sake of saving $10?


Remember: your JUUL is a technological device. Just like messing around with your iPhone or Android phone can cause the phone to stop working, the same thing can happen with your JUUL. If you read the promotional materials for the JUUL itself, even the makers of the device will tell you that the JUUL is intended to be a “closed system.” In other words, it’s not meant to be changed, modified or updated using a few DIY tech stunts.


If you are looking for clever ways to “mod” your JUUL, why not consider wrapping it with a fun new design? That’s one easy way to stand out in a crowd and differentiate yourself from your friends. JUUL wrappers are the way to go if you want to create a new, unique JUUL experience.


#3: For less than $10, you can get a real JUUL charger

Buy a reliable charger for your JUUL today 

Again, it all comes down to basic economics. For less than $10, you can have a guaranteed JUUL charger. In the JUUL Wrappers store, for example, a standalone JUUL charger is just $7.99. And if you order a pack of five, you can save even more: a five-pack of JUUL chargers is just $27.99. If you do the math, that works out to less than $6 for a JUUL charger!

 cable JUUL charger

The bottom line here is clear: making your very own DIY JUUL charger is not only dangerous, it also doesn’t result in any real cost savings. In fact, you might end up ruining your JUUL, and have to buy a new one. If you check out some of the JUUL charger posts on social media, there are plenty of stories of people who just can’t seem to figure out why their brand-new JUUL isn’t working anymore after playing around with a makeshift USB charger. Don’t be one of those people!

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What You Need To Know About the JUUL

What You Need To Know About the JUUL

 The JUUL is compact, attractive, well designed and easy to use – all factors that have led to the creation of a near cult-like following for this new type of e-cigarette. Click to read why Men's Fitness Magazine called the JUUL "the iPhone of e-cigs."
March 25, 2018
Why You Should Wrap Your JUUL

Why You Should Wrap Your JUUL

Individualize your prized JUUL with countless design options. Click to learn more about the value of wrapping your JUUL.
Why the JUUL is Better Than Traditional Vapes

Why the JUUL is Better Than Traditional Vapes

There’s a good reason why WIRED magazine called the JUUL “the first great e-cig.” When you consider all the features of the JUUL – its portability, its ease of use, and its great flavor and nicotine satisfaction – it’s clear that the JUUL is the top vape on the market today.