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Why the JUUL is Better Than Traditional Vapes

As soon as the JUUL was introduced, it took the portable vape market by storm. In many ways, it was everything that consumers were looking for because the JUUL was simple and easy to use, elegant and very compact. The JUUL was the smoking alternative that was unlike any other e-cigarette. Here’s a closer look at why the JUUL is better than all other vapes.


Portability and Discreet

One major advantage of the JUUL is that it is easy to carry around just about anywhere. The JUUL itself is no bigger than a typical USB thumb drive, meaning you can easily carry it around in any pocket. You don’t need to worry about carrying around a bag or purse whenever you would like to vape. Moreover, the appearance of the JUUL makes it look more like a tiny high-tech gadget than a vape, since it is rectangular in shape and not rounded like most e-cigarettes.


Ease of Use

The JUUL might possibly be the first no-maintenance vape. It’s so easy to use that anyone can enjoy the JUUL. Fans of the JUUL include people ranging in age from 21 to 91. What’s important to note here is that there are only three components of the JUUL – the body, the cartridge-like pod that easily fits into the body, and the charger. There are no complex parts, no complex instructions, or anything that you must master before enjoying the JUUL. There are no coils to replace every few days. In fact, the JUUL has been called “the iPhone of e-cigs.”


Great Flavor and Nicotine Satisfaction

Finally, and most importantly, the JUUL delivers a very satisfying experience. That’s because the JUUL uses nicotine salts found in an actual tobacco leaf, rather than free-base nicotine used by standard e-cigs. This makes the JUUL the preferred smoking alternative. Even better, the JUUL comes in four amazing flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley, Cool Mint and Crème Brulee. In review after review, the JUUL has received high marks for its cigarette-like nicotine levels and a satisfying vape experience.


Enjoyable Experience

There’s a good reason why WIRED magazine called the JUUL “the first great e-cig.” When you consider all the features of the JUUL – its portability, its ease of use, and its great flavor and nicotine satisfaction – it’s clear that the JUUL is the top vape on the market today. But there’s one more factor that really makes the JUUL stand out – the enjoyable experience. Just insert the pod, take a few light puffs, and inhale. That’s all you have to do, and it’s so easy that anyone can enjoy the JUUL within minutes. Vapor quality is second to none, and the choice of flavors available means that you can constantly vary the experience.


It’s clear why so many people have embraced the JUUL as the e-cig of choice. It’s extremely attractive and compact, making other e-cigs look clumsy and low-tech by comparison. And you simply can’t beat the overall vaping experience. The JUUL, quite simply, is better than all other vapes.