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Why A DIY JUUL Charger Is A Bad Idea

So, you are using Juul these days? This is probably the coolest thing you own and enjoy in routine. These devices are gaining more and more popularity these days due to their catchy looks and stylish way of enjoying the vaping experience. You might be aware of the fact that Juuls are rechargeable devices. They hold a battery inside that is required to be charged time to time to keep them working. Generally, when you purchase a Juul, it comes with a regular charger that can help you to refill its battery, but most people are not much satisfied with its performance. They find it slow and a poor way of charging as well. In such a scenario, they try looking for the fast cable charger and while going through the offers online; people even find the tips and videos to design a DIV juul charger. Well! if you have also found something like that, following those tricks is definitely a bad idea. In most cases, you will end up harming your expensive gadget as well.

Experts say that there are two prime reasons for not using DIY chargers; they are listed below:

  • The DIY chargers are quite dangerous:

The Juul device is known for its sophisticated and handy look. These USB-like sticks can be carried to anywhere with ease. They can be powered up using a tiny charger, and you can use them all the time while not making anyone realize that you have a vaping unit. Everyone will consider it a tiny flash drive. But when you design a DIV charger by following YouTube videos; you end up messing with so many wires, and they can be noticed by anyone with ease. Moreover, if you end up crossing the wrong wires of this DIY charger, it can cause big harm.

  • DIY chargers can damage the Juul:

Some of you might be planning to save some amount by making a DIY juul charger but do you think that is worth. This juul charger can later spoil your whole device, and then you will lose more. There is no point in taking such a risk; rather you should use the professionally designed charger to ensure a long life for your juul. Moreover, the advanced USB chargers are available at a budget-friendly price online.

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