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When Did the Juul Come Out?

Two Stanford University graduates came with an idea of developing e-cigarettes that could taste like traditional cigarettes but cause lesser harm to the consumer. They established a business in the year 2007 to design such high-end products to serve the smoker’s community around the world.

Juul is well known as a pocket-sized vaporizer that is loaded with nicotine juice cartridges. They can be swapped in or out to enjoy a variety of flavours for the pleasurable vaping experience. This flavour rich option has made it the largest selling brand in America. Pax Labs was the original company that worked on the development of e-cigarettes and served wide population around the world. However, with the invention of Juul in the year 2015; they formed a new company named Juul Labs Inc. This product gained hugged popularity in the world in the year 2017, and today it has become the first choice of all teenagers, adults and older generation as well.

Note that, most of the e-cigarette brands available in the market contain free base nicotine that finds its way directly to the bloodstream after inhalation. That is why they cannot be considered a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. On the other side, the Juul product developed by Juul Labs is fuelled by Juul Pods that are loaded with concentrated juice cocktails that are found in tobacco leaves in the form of organic acids and salts. Experts reveal that this blend is almost the same as that of the traditional cigarettes so appears a better choice for those who want to switch from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It is important to mention that Pax Labs also received nicotine salt formulation patent in the year 2015.

Within past one year, Juul Labs have produced an estimated retail-sales of $224 million. Stats reveal that Juul ensured the estimated rise of 621% over the year and today it is ruling the e-cigarette industry by 32% market share. There are more than 12000 retail stores all over the US where buyers can get find their favourite Juul products and accessories with ease. In general, the vaporizers are available with the price tag of $35 whereas the set of four pods can be purchased by paying $16 only.

Pax Lab was earlier known as Ploom, and they developed their first product named as Pax in the year 2012. It was a kind of marijuana vaporizer with a few advanced features. Later, they invented Juul in the year 2015, and it took the market by storm with its classy and impressive looks. It was designed with a USB to derive like shape, and the metallic finish makes it appear more beautiful. In order to activate the heat source inside, users simply need to inhale this product. Indeed, there is no need to unscrew the cap like other vape units to fill the chamber. The Juul Pod will serve you with your desired flavour with ease. Note that, Juul Labs produce more than 20 million pods every month and still they are struggling to meet the demands of end users.

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