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What You Need To Know About the JUUL

These days, memes and references about the JUUL e-cigarette are all over social media. Young millennials are taking their JUULs with them everywhere they go. And the JUUL has been the subject of countless glowing reviews in the media. One college student at the University of Virginia even wrote a viral article called, “Who needs a boyfriend when you have a JUUL?”


At this point, of course, you may be wondering what in the world a JUUL is. A JUUL is simply a USB-shaped e-cigarette that was designed as a safe alternative to smoking real cigarettes. In many ways, you can think of the JUUL as a portable nicotine delivery device, since you must insert a liquid nicotine cartridge into the JUUL in order to use it.  The entire JUUL device is battery-powered, and works by converting nicotine in liquid form into a type of vapor that you can then inhale.


However, unlike traditional cigarettes, there is no smoke full of carcinogens, no tobacco and no burning sensations. Instead, the way you power a JUUL is with a JUUL pod. And these pods come in a variety of cool flavors – including crème brulee and fruit medley – which makes using a JUUL a much more enjoyable experience than smoking a traditional cigarette. Plus, add in the funky colors that are available for the JUUL (mango anyone?), and you can understand why people are falling in love with their JUULs.


Most likely, you’ve seen a JUUL without even realizing it. That’s because the JUUL has been designed to look like one of those small, compact USB flash drives that everyone seems to be carrying around these days. They are so easy to carry around that you don’t even need a backpack or purse when you go out – any time you are ready to go out, just stash it away in one of your pockets and you’re ready to go. You don’t need any sophisticated equipment to get started, and if your JUUL runs out of battery charge, you can just plug it in to any USB device.


The discreet, compact design of the JUUL is just part of its allure. One big reason why the JUUL is taking the social media world by storm is because of its attractive appearance and cool design. There are jokes and references to the JUUL all over Twitter and Instagram, and in fact, the #JUUL hashtag on Instagram has been used more than 50,000 times. Many people now view the JUUL as a cool digital device that has completely broken open an entire category.


And that trendy momentum surrounding the JUUL has been picked up by the mainstream media as well. Men’s Fitness called the JUUL “the iPhone of e-cigs” and WIRED magazine – pretty much the favorite tech magazine for the young digerati – called the JUUL “the first great e-cig.” Just as the iPhone became the status symbol for anyone buying a new smartphone, the JUUL has become the new status symbol of young millennials looking for a safe alternative to traditional smoking. The JUUL is compact, attractive, well designed and easy to use – all factors that have led to the creation of a near cult-like following for this new type of e-cigarette.

March 25, 2018 — JUUL Wrappers

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