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My JUUL Charger Isn’t Working. Why?

Once you start Juuling, there may be no turning back, and frankly, you do not need rerouting because it’s a safe way of pleasing yourself.

The biggest nightmare for a regular user is to return home one day and find that the charging abilities of your JUUL Vape have left your side. Without making any hasty decisions such as instantly ordering a new charger for JUUL, take the following approach:

  • Diagnose
  • Confirm
  • Fix

The following are some common problems which can be the reason behind your JUUL not charging up.

Problem 1: Wet Terminals

Connecting your JUUL charger to a wet terminal can be extremely hazardous, and the extra conduction by the moisture can cause a problem for your Vape. However, sometimes there is no way of telling if something wet seeped and how it became a source of the moisture.

Solution: Place your Vape in a bag full of something which can absorb moisture and dry up the surface, such as rice. Take it out, wipe it with a dry cloth, and try charging it again. Stay alert for a few minutes and if it seems to have no discrepancies then you are good to go.

Problem 2: Hit and Drop

Dropping your JUUL can have an immediate impact on the delicate positioning of the machinery inside. Without opening it up, there is no way of telling what got damaged and whether it can be put back together. After dropping it or accidentally having it hard enough, shake the Vape to see if you can feel a component inside moving. Then put it on the charge to see if it works.

Solution: If your JUUL refuses to come to life, seek professional assistance. And for future safety, purchase a JUUL skin from VaperSkins.com for a stylish product without any compromise in quality.

Problem 3: Bad Quality Charger

Being a victim of fraud in today’s world when alternatives to everything exist in the form of copies, fake supplies etc. Because of perfect imitation, the human mind becomes rather easy to confuse. The last JUUL charger you got may have been of such inferior quality, and after a few runs its weak design is likely to give up. Check if your Vape is charging on another charger.

Solution: If the result yields positive, you will need a new charger. Check out ViperSkins.com for the best quality chargers in town, which are guaranteed to last long and have no semblance of fakeness.

Problem 4: Broken Wire

Most wires are encased in rubber from the outside for insulation, but because of that wire breaks inside are not very easy to detect. They can be lethal for your break because of the risk of short-circuiting.

Solution: Purchase a magnetic charging cable from Viperskins.com. This is a product which will instantly suit your durability needs, and its 2.5 feet long size makes it a lot easier for you to charge your Vape in public areas without the need for actively guarding it. Making this purchase and use it fearlessly in the near future.

Get yourself a charger for your JUUL that won't break

August 14, 2018 — JUUL Wrappers

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