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How To Charge Your JUUL In The Car

Your JUUL has the potential of becoming your most prized possession because of the way it makes you feel each time you take a puff. But what if you decide to take it out without charging it the night before?

The need for charging acts as the major reason behind why you should always have a charging kit for JUUL ready in your car. However, the regular starter kit which has to be fixed in a place for your JUUL to vertically sit atop it and charge does not work in your moving vehicle. You obviously do not want to be at the mercy of publicly available chargers at a party to have a good time with your friends, so here’s how you can charge your JUUL while you drive.

  1. Magnetic Charging Cable

The magnetic charging cable for JUUL available at VaperSkins.com is your gateway to excellent charging in a car. The cable is not only long and able to withstand twist and twirls which often occur in cars; it is also designed to attach itself to the charging port of the Vape magnetically, allowing the grip to stay firm even if the car is on a bumpy road.

In addition, there is no need for you to balance your JUUL on a perfection position just so that it can hold on to the cable. Once you attach it to the port, only your own force can be used to plug it out, meaning that it forms a sturdy connection you can completely rely on.

  1. USB Socket

Juuling technology is all about using the state-of-the-art electronic device to make ecig experience for people a memorable one. Your Vape can be charged from a USB port, which you need to keep in your care for you to form a kit with the magnetic charging cable. Plug in the socket and attach the magnetic charging cable, and you will be in possession of the best possible charger for a moving place for your JUUL.

  1. Alternative Charging

Although the aforementioned method is the best way of charging your JUUL while driving, there is one problem that it completely ignores; what if the socket in the car which is used for plugging in the USB charger does not work? That is an inconvenience on many ends, but that should not disable you from charging your item up, at least till the time you get it repaired.

A portable battery pack/power bank can be excellent assistance to you in this regard. Power banks themselves need to be charged frequently for them to be able to fully charge up devices, but in times of emergencies such as these, there can be no better alternatives.

The compatibility of the default charging cable can be an issue because JUUL is very picky about which chargers it is friendly with. So, even under these circumstances, it is best to visit VaperSkins.com and order a quality magnetic charging cable to suit all the needs of your JUUL charging and make your drives reassuring.

August 22, 2018 — JUUL Wrappers

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