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How To Charge JUUL And Why To Use A Magnetic Charger?

Juuling has become the new cool thing, and you need a functioning JUUL charger to satisfy your craving for perhaps the best e-cigarette is around.

The reason why a charger for JUUL is an important aspect to consider is because in the early weeks of purchase the device satisfies your needs completely. A few more weeks down the like, however, it appears as if the battery is unable to charge itself. The light keeps on blinking and it never reaches full, or it takes forever to charge.

Charging Your JUUL

Charging a device is a lot more than just plugging it in a random charger. Batteries have particular compatibilities with the chargers allotted to them, and changing that mode of charging can have an instant negative impact on the device.

Your JUUL is no different. In the unlikely and unlucky event that your charger seems to be giving you trouble, do not use a random charger or purchase one without checking compatibility. Sometimes it takes a dozen or more of charging for the battery to show visible signs of deterioration, and by that time it’s too to revive the charger back to its former glory.

Signs of Deterioration

You can tell that your JUUL starter kit is about to wear out and become unusable when it:

  • Charges your e-cigarette in a lot more time than it initially used to.
  • Has the charging lights blinking all the time, indicating that the battery is reversing current and not charging up at all (this can be dangerous for the vape).
  • Does not connect to the device in any orientation.

A JUUL Skin with an incorporated charger, or a separate charger such as the Jix charger then become your next best alternatives.

What Is the Best Solution?

Although there exist a number of alternatives to choose from, the best solution is to get a magnetic charging cable for the JUUL. The reasons include:

  1. The convenience with which it can be carried around. Sometimes, carrying around separate battery packs in just your pocket can be a nightmare, because either it takes up a lot of space or you have the constant fear of losing it. On a night out with your friends, you will not want to be handicapped with the unavailability of a charger.
  2. The ease of charging while driving. Charging in a case is becoming very common these days, but a case which needs to stand vertically will not be suitable when you are constantly on the move, like in a car. Put up a JUUL skin, put your JUUL on the dashboard, and have it walk out on the car with you for a great day ahead. For the best magnetic charging cables and a variety of sustainable and compatible chargers, visit VaperSkins.com and place your order today.
  3. The length of the charger. Keeping your belonging close by is important, and if you are using a public port on a station, use the length to keep your vape nearby.
August 16, 2018 — JUUL Wrappers

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