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Everything You Need To Know About The JUUL

If there ever was a status symbol for electronic cigarettes, Juul would be it. These state-of-the-art nicotine delivery devices took over the world of smoking, especially in young people, by storm.

In this article, you shall be exposed to virtually all the information you need before you feel prepared to invest in Juuling. It may be addictive, but the overall experience makes it worth it.

Juul – What Is It?

Juul is now the most common electronic cigarette around. The concept came from its predecessors which were already doing well in the market because this smoking presented an alternative to chain smokers which was relatively safe.

However, traditional electronic cigarettes used to be a pain when it came to carrying them around and finding cartridges to fill. When you buy a Juul, you will instantly realize that the pocket-sized appeal of the cigarette is absolutely worth it.

Unique Features

There are a number of successes which can be associated with this e-cigarette, which act as a solid reason as to why it has been the most hashed electronic cigarette brand on Twitter to date.

  1. Size

Size matters, and in this case the smaller it is the better. Not everyone has the liberty of a car, and sometimes you casually want to take a stroll on a pavement with a friend without keeping your hand occupied with the device.

A Juul is roughly as big as a USB flash drive, meaning that it is designed for people who want to keep their hobby inside their pockets. Bring it out, take a puff, and place it back in!

  1. Flavors

As opposed to its counterparts, a Juul actually has a lesser variety of flavors available. This does not act against their interest, however, because having a relatively limited scheme to choose from implies that they are able to deliver a unique and pure touch in every cartridge of theirs.

And that is what the users have started to admire about the cigarette. From Crème Brule to Fruit Medley, there’s flavor, there’s a kick, and there’s certainly a need to go for more.

  1. Safety

A Juul is free from carcinogens, which means that it has completely eliminated the trouble of cancer-causing elements in your habit of smoking. While nicotine itself is known for creating some unwanted changes in the body, the overall opinion has been that the cigarette cannot be classified as unsafe.

In addition, if you are strong enough to control the urge of chain smoking, then the device will pose no harm at all.


The aforementioned qualities complement the one specialty that this electronic cigarette has: style. In colleges, students have agreed that this common hobby of Juuling has brought them closer to many of their peers, and help them establish new friendships. In addition, you have the power to customize the electronic cigarette whichever way you like, from getting top class skins to stickers of your revered idols for example.

Now that you know about this exceptional electronic cigarette, make a choice and start puffing away in a new light.

September 15, 2018 — JUUL Wrappers

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