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Can I Charge My JUUL With The Juul Wrap On?

Students are attracted to Juul because it can be easily hidden from teachers and parents. This budget-friendly device looks almost the same as a flash drive, and it can be easily charged through a USB port. Moreover, it does not generate any strong odor. All the amazing features make this device top choice of the younger generation.

You might be aware of the fact that Juuls are presently available in a variety of flavors; you can pick crème Brulee, cool cucumber, mango, fruit melody and many more from online stores. These flavored tobacco products can also attract kids with ease. Studies reveal that these e-cigarettes are less harmful to the human body as compared to traditional cigarettes.

Market these days is loaded with a wide range of Juul products that you can easily purchase online. Although they appear attractive with their fine finish and attractive looks; still, manufacturers have also designed juul wraps commonly known as juul skins to make them look more stunning. These skins are designed using attractive colors and unique patterns that can add an impressive look while boosting your style statement.

As juul is a rechargeable product, many people are interested to know if these devices can be charged with juul wrap over them or it is required to be removed every time. Well! The great news is that advanced juul wraps available at Vaper Skin platform are designed to stay on during charging hours as well. These colorful skins are designed to protect your device all the time; no one can predict that you are using an e-cigarette by looking at their attractive and style skin. It is possible to connect it to your USB charger along with the skin so that it can appear like a simple flash drive to all viewers.

You can also buy a combo of juul wrap and charger from the website online to enjoy a budget-friendly purchase. These skins are designed to work flawlessly with cable juul charger as well as with the regular charger. However, in case if the charger doesn’t fit over the skin, you can claim a full refund from the seller. Indeed, Vaper Skin offers a full money back guarantee if their juul skin and charger don’t support each other. It means you can be sure that charger can be easily connected with the wrap on the device.

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